Posted on 05-Dec-2019

Keystone Therapies

Loosen the jaw to alleviate stress and reduce neck tension.

The masseter, a deep muscle in the jaw is pound for pound one of the strongest muscles in our body. It’s partially responsible for moving the jaw, which is a super complex joint able to move in 3 different planes. An evolutionary adaptation is that when we clench our jaw it gives us a wee burst of adrenaline, we often unconsciously do this when stressed. What happens if we do this too often is that the cortisol levels ( a stress hormone important for amongst other things, regulating the immune system) in our system becomes too high, causing fatigue and making us more susceptible to colds and maybe even injury.

Stretching the masseter can help alleviate this and also help relax the neck. If a client complaints of a tight neck, then this is one of the muscles that I massage to help release tension.
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