Posted on 30-Dec-2019

Keystone Therapies

Don’t massage the back of your neck when you have pain there.

It's probably not the cause of your neck pain. In all likelihood it's origin is somewhere in the front of the neck, face or upper trunk. As with all rules there are exceptions, whiplash could strain a vertebrae as could osteoarthritis or a host of other degenerative diseases. Typically one of the muscles that I would target to relieve the pain at the back of the neck is the sternocleidomastoid. This muscles starts at the top of the sternum and travels to the mastoid of the jaw and then back down to the clavicle. This criss-crossing muscle is partially responsible for head rotation and can powerfully flex the head forward. If overly tight it will over-stretch the small sub-occiptal muscles at the back of the skull, causing pain at the back of the head. Using a number system I apply trigger point therapy on these muscles, perform passive stretches and also myofascial release by stretching and easing their connective tissue.

I show my clients stretches to deal with the origin of the pain, helping improve moment and reduce inflammation.
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